Food Trip Week with Mom

I should have posted this last week but I didn’t have any internet connection.  So I’m making this tribute post to my only Mom especially since it’s her birthday today – April 7!

Since it’s Black Saturday today and she’ll be attending a vigil tonight, chances are the celebration would be held tomorrow.

Anyway, Mom and I have been in an eat-out frenzy from March 25 – March 30.  Initially we went out just to grab a couple of supplies for our new ice craze variations and snack foods when I asked my mom to have our lunch at Don Beppe.  An Italian restaurant located at The Peak in Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Don Beppe

Honestly, mom and I felt a bit out of place… If my dad was there, everything else would be just fine.  Dad was such a personality that he could feel comfortable anywhere.  Goes to show where I really take from.  Nonetheless, their menu was quite daunting (more like the prices) so considering our budget, we opted for classic dishes with the Don Beppe twist.  I ordered grilled steak, and mom got the tuna… something.  I forgot.  LOL.

Since they had free wifi, I got to check in on Foursquare then was able to go on Facetime with my aunt in Japan (teasing her with our food).

Complimentary Breadsticks

Table centerpiece

View on the outside

the counter

My order


our placemats

Just to humor my mom, I took a couple of her pictures at The Peak.


Our next date was for dinner at the most well-known restaurant in the Philippines… JOLLIBEE!!!

For 2 straight nights, mom and I had dinner at Jollibee.  And yes, we still annoyed my teased my aunt about it.  Mom was constantly craving for their Crispy Bangus (Milkfish) value meal.  Plus, she finally got a taste of their new summer serving: Milo Mix-ins.

Milo Mix-in

Our last stop for the week was last Friday’s dinner at SUMOSAM.  A new Japanese restaurant at Abreeza Mall.

Again, I felt out of place.  It would have been nice if dad was there.

So I ordered our food.  A tonkatsu for me, and a Salmon dish for my mom. I wasn’t sure if they had any silverware for us to use but glancing around at the other customers, they were all using chopsticks.  Thus… mom and I had no choice… chopsticks it is.  Dinner was fun and stressful.  Fun and stressful because mom kept laughing when I told her we won’t be returning there (chopsticks were such a challenge!!!).  And when I was on my last spoon err… stick, she noticed that the customers eyeing us earlier on the other table before us were using spoon and fork.  ARGH!! Talk about late news flash!  Nevertheless, it was fun and a very fulfilling meal.

So that’s it for now!  I wonder where we will be celebrating tomorrow?  Hmm… I better search for other places to go to.  Suggestions anyone?

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