Food Trip: Ice Giants

There’s a new (relatively) place for me that I’m enjoying as a snack place.  ICE GIANTS!  It has been operating for a few years in the city but it was only this month that I was able to try out the place (for a couple of times).  I wasn’t able to try it out when I was in Manila during 2006 – 2007.  But that’s okay.  The good thing is I get to experience it in my own hometown.

So I’m sharing with you a couple of pictures I took on the orders I made:

Ice Giants!

The “giant” menu


wall designs

the ceiling

close up of the ceiling light

Halo-halo! (my first visit order)

Lasagna! (another first visit order)

A platter of Tortillas (still from my first visit)

The Hungarian Sausage (2nd visit)

Cheesy Mushroom Burger (I think. Still from my 2nd visit! But my friend’s order)

The Berry Blast (2nd visit)

The whole ensemble of my 2nd visit

Can I just say that I LOVE their ice creations and their food in general!  I like the fact that I can share my platter of tortillas with my friends without feeling that everyone won’t get their fill.  Their halo-halo is just divine!  I long to create a perfectly iced halo-halo for my own business.  One that one come close to their servings!  Their berry blast specialty was a bit too sweet for me but, if shared with someone, it would be both economical and beneficial.  The hungarian sausage was what I expected.  Fully loaded and very hot (for my tastebuds that is).

What I love about Ice Giants is that it’s an ice cream parlor that you and your family and friends could go to and hang out and enjoy the good food.  I am especially looking forward to trying out their 3 kilo ice concoctions!

There are currently 3 Ice Giants Branches here in Davao City.  One in Damosa IT Park; the second one is at Sta. Ana Ave. (along Davao Central High School); and the third branch is at Quimpo Boulevard highway (along the intersection of Q. Boulevard and Sandawa).



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  1. It all looks yummy. 😉

  2. You’re from Davao? O.o You overlooked their chicken! 🙂

  3. May I please have the tel num of ice giants? Any branch. Thanx

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