Food Trip: Rego’s Pasta Express

(I should’ve posted this a few months back – February 24 to be exact – but just got overlapped with a couple of things.  Anyway, here’s my first dining experience at REGO’S PASTA EXPRESS).

I’ve been reading a lot about places in Davao for new dining experiences.  And while I was at Riley Simon’s last week, I thought about exploring the general area of Arellano street just to have a personal look.  As luck would have it, however, my directional capabilities seem to have jammed up instead of cooperating.  Thus, putting a halt to my adventure.

However, last Monday, I took the opportunity in gathering the info I needed when I was given access online.  When clocking out came, I invited a friend of mine to accompany me to our destination: REGO’S PASTA EXPRESS.

The place was big enough to house a party of 16 to 20 guests (my estimation).

My friend and I placed our orders of:

Rosie’s Salatta

Being true to my word to eat healthy, I ordered Rosie’s Salatta (the salad from the Leafy Green Things menu having the greatest raves over the blogsphere).

Grilled Pork Chops

My friend ordered Grilled Porkchops, and I ordered a serving of pasta (I forgot what it was).

Pasta (Gambas.. I think) I forgot!

The servings were quite generous.  The taste?  Delicious!  Thumbs up for another new place to dine with my friends.



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