Consistently Overwhelmed

My first two weeks in my new work has passed in a such a flurry of activities.  Truthful to say that today would have been my first day of REST and sleeping in late.  But somehow, my internal alarm is still on overdrive.  I just hope my adrenaline rush would decrease today and savor the moments I have away from work and studies.

Don’t get me wrong!  The dynamics related to my work has been such a welcome change in my lifestyle that I have to constantly raise the bar of my energy just to keep up with it.  Though it’s still to early to tell, but the relationships I’ve started to establish with  my colleagues is quite refreshing and utterly familiar – feels like coming home.

I still have a lot of anxieties at work and it’s a process in scheduling priorities and constant learning.  Feelings of inadequacy occasionally knocks on my door but thankfully enough, rising up and besting it through available means (such as consultations with superiors and peers) have been very helpful.

With the steady rise of responsibilities – substituting in classes, meetings, consultations, scouting, submission of requirements, SUPER late enrollment in my Masters, etc. – and expectations – KRAs and KPIs – laid out ahead, I am still at awe that I haven’t cracked yet.  Embracing one’s strengths and weaknesses equips a person better in facing challenges.  And the fact that a person is given a chance in putting his/her two cents worth in a proposal is quite humbling.

On a different note, going back to school after years of being away from the Academe can be quite daunting.  Too many theories and practices that I have long forgotten (or maybe are just hidden in the secret recesses of my mind) seems to cause a small migraine and mini heart attack when I start thinking about ALL I need to review.  I guess you get the picture.

My first two days back in school has been quite full of recaps and cramming.  3 hours per subject every week may seem too short, but then again.  It’s not college anymore.  Outputs are reflective of once professionalism, stocked knowledge, passion, and mastering your craft.

In my case: #PanicModeOn

So for those who have been following my blog, please forgive me if I might not be able to post anything new for long periods of time.  I am honored of your genuine interest and thank you for always dropping by.  I’ll be posting updates on my research and hope you’ll be able to shed light in my thoughts.

Till then!


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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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