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Movies I Want To Watch VII

When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I was sure I’d want to watch it.  If not for the storyline, then for the visual effects and presentation.  Here’s the trailer for Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians.


The Cycling Chronicles: Reflections in Time

I was thinking of writing something funny, witty, and smart during my bike ride earlier.  However, cycling and deep thinking is a combination quite risky for one’s safety.  I pushed my luck with the absence of my helmet already so it wasn’t nice to tempt fate.

My last chronicle has been a few months back, and I haven’t been cycling as much as I had wanted too.  I still haven’t made a program that I’d be willing to stick to for an exercise routine, nor have I been to any recreational bike riding.  With the changes in my activities and the physical exhaustion (or oftentimes known as my lazy mode), I have neglected my duty to my bicycle.

It felt good to go around the block alternating from relaxing to speeding along the neighborhood streets.  The wind whipping my hair and the cool breeze buffeting my face softly has its calming effect.  The lazy street traffic and falling tree leaves seemed like a painted backdrop for my thoughts.  That was an impromptu decision to take my bike for a spin.  But perhaps, subconsciously, I knew I needed to go out and take my mind off of things… to let my thoughts flow… away from the four corners that seem to block me.

My thoughts have been making me restless.  Jumping from one idea, to another concern, and then some has caused a slight haywire in my system.  I just wished I had more… TIME.

That’s it!  Time.   I’ve been info overloading myself and pushed back and giving only a limited amount in my processing moments for much later.  Biking has always had a cathartic effect on me.  The joy of seeing my surroundings may seem dramatized but is very soothing.  Speeding along the highway (alternating from the fast and slow lane) unlatches the floodgates holding my escaping thoughts that always seem to evade me when I need them the most.  Life’s like that. You weave through both lanes trying to get by on your own pace sometimes you see an opening and you take it, other times you don’t.  And during other times you fail to see what’s been in front of you the whole time.

Time runs by so fast.

20 minutes of cycling and my arms were getting sore.  Need to ride more.

A month working in my new job and it’s already August.  My favorite month.  MY month.  I’ll be turning a year older and it seems the dates in the calendar appear, quite frankly, closer than you’d think.  Even workdays seem too pass by quickly.  Like zipping along the roads in life.

The journey ahead is still uncertain, the road still extensive.  For now my journey has brought me home and time has given me the opportunity to appreciate what it has to offer.  Time – it is either your greatest ally or your formidable foe, whichever way you choose to view it.  I choose the former.  Rather than be concerned with limits, I prefer the freedom in making the most out of my time… and more biking sessions for more chronicles.

How about you?  Any reflections in time?  Or have you gone cycling lately?




The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

Here’s a cartoon I remember from my memories of my childhood cartoon-watching.

And suddenly she realized that what she thought was freedom and joy was nothing more than anarchy and sloth.

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