A Closer Encounter (Part 2)

Remember my post more than a month ago on our trip to Brgy. Fatima in conducting a psychosocial debriefing? (Refer here) Well earlier this week (Tuesday to be exact), I had the opportunity again in returning.

Since it was a school day, no college students came along and some of their teachers had other things planned already.  So after having our meeting last Monday, we were all set to leave the next day.  Since this was the termination phase of our debriefing with them, it seemed apt to end it on a positive note.  With that in mind, the idea of having a program prepared – with games and magic show on the side – was just perfect.

I am proud to say that my ever-energetic GLH easily ironed out the rough parts in the preparation for the program along with our military friends.  Thus making the meeting short but productive (having enough time to tour our gallant friends around the campus).

campus tour


Anyway, words cannot express the experience of returning to visit our volunteer site.  I’d just be very clumsy with my words if I try.  Since a picture paints a thousand words, I’m sharing  here some photos instead.

Our arrival

impromptu storytelling

while waiting for instructions

a different kind of classroom instruction

radiant faces of children

Drawing their DREAMS for their Future

for the show to begin… order.

teaser moves that could beat Jagger

call to participate

clan photo. kidding aside… making memories

Along with my companions, I too wish that I could return and visit Paquibato once again.  Not just for debriefing but to share our my presence to them.  Hopefully we could go back soon.

For now, focus on what can be done in the present and always remember closer encounters to reality.


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    Glad to have been part of this cause.

  2. Wonderful and a lot of fun for the kids, I bet. 😉

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