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Of Diving and Tumbleturns

I have a couple of long overdue posts that are still in my drafts page.  A lot of things have happened since my last post that I have barely enough time to collect a breath of fresh air and just relax.

I’m currently taking up lessons in swimming (life skills 101) along with my other colleagues at work.  I’ll be talking about that in a couple or more blogs from now.

I just feel happy being able to conquer my fear in diving.  In addition, the feeling of headiness once diving can be very strong and simply AMAZING! Our coach wasn’t around that time so trying it out was less pressured.   Another thing I’ve tried out today was the “tumbleturn” – the word swimmers use to define what they do once they reach the end of the pool and do a flip or sorts to get back to the other side.

Ever since I was younger, these 2 movements were styles that would make me lose my stomach (out of fear).  Now, the fear is still there but I guess you’d have to try it out and just wing it!  I’m looking forward in our further trainings.  Wish me luck!

How about you guys?  Any recent activities and accomplishments you’re proud of?  Share away!


Adventures in Bohol

It seems like I’m at the blogging stage of delayed-posting patterns.  So before the month of November passes, I intend to share a few memorable events that have happened so far.

I am extremely grateful of my workplace in allowing me to have the opportunity in visiting one of the most famous regions in our country – Bohol – to attend a seminar for skills and knowledge enhancements.

After being initially stranded in Cebu on our arrival and on the better part of the travel, we decided to make the best out of it in getting some rest and for sightseeing.

My travel partner

Here are some pictures from Fort San Pedro near the pier.

Cebu Sight-Seeing instead


Fort San Pedro


I just admire the Cebuanos in retaining the beauty of these relics.  It was like taking a page out of history itself.

Next stop, Magellan’s Cross.

Magellan’s cross

We had dinner at Ayala then I met up with one of my closest friends.  My “utol” (bro).  Wherein he treated me for dinner (I forgot the name of the restaurant).

Met up with my “tol”

After the late night get together, me and my travel partner woke up early for our early trip to Bohol.  As the danger signal was not yet lifted by the coast guard, we were stranded once again.

Still stranded…

It was around 11 o’clock when vessels were finally given the go signal to travel across the seas.  Thankfully, the rebooking ticket I got was for that trip.  So, all we had to worry about were the slapping of the waves on our boat and the boredom brought by the long trip.

just docked!

We arrived late in the afternoon thus missing the first day of the workshop.  So we had our late lunch (around 4pm!) at Payag.  The restaurant was themed with chicken.  So it would be safe to say that their specialty was chicken.

The Payag!

As tourists, we rushed to the places we could still visit.  First stop, having our pictures taken at the man-made forest.  It was a road lined with thousands (and more) trees.

Man-made forest fun

We still got to visit the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol before they closed shop for the night.

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Heading back, we stopped over at the Shiphaus.  A house/museum modeled to look like a ship.

Shiphaus experience

Before calling it a night, we went to the oldest church in the PhilippinesBaclayon Church.

Baclayon Church

It was at that night when the relics of Fr. Pio of Pietrelcina were open for viewing in its visit in the Philippines.  As an added treat, one particular post outside Baclayon Church seemed to show the face of the famous saint. According to locals, the image wasn’t man-made but came about due to the many years of the Church has been standing.

Fr. Pio “natural” mural

Day 2 in Bohol.

Finally got to the venue.  According to the organizers, a lot of participants were stranded due to the storm that came by for the past days.

Welcome latecomers

Our last day in Bohol gave us the opportunity to go around the island for a little bit.

The house we stayed at

The blood compact site.

Blood compact site

Back to the Baclayon Church and their museum.  (Sorry, no photos inside since picture-taking weren’t allowed).

Behind Baclayon church

Another “natural” mural of the Madonna and child

Can you see it in the morning?

Next was our visit to the smallest primate in the world.  The Tarsier in Loboc.  Too bad we couldn’t hold them anymore.  So these are the closest photos I could get.


reaching out… to you

Went ziplining!

speeding via zipline

Last stop before our trip back to Cebu, Panglao Island.  I know my photos may not seem too appealing but I’d rather you get to visit the place personally.  You wouldn’t regret it!

solo photo in Panglao

a thousand and one reasons to return

I’ll return… someday.

a picture of beauty and serenity

Here’s the sign of my promise!

sealing a promise

We arrived in Cebu around 9pm.  Good thing I already reserved our hotel room.  Since it was a newly established hotel, It was expected that the rooms and amenities were up-to-date.  And they didn’t fail!  The rooms really looked clean and very new!  I would highly recommend Escario Hotel for travelers.  The rates weren’ too heavy for our pockets too.

Escario Hotel in Cebu

Still at Escario Hotel

The Escario Hotel was located in a compound that had a number of restaurants as tenants.  One of which is the famous Zubuchon.  Since it was a place that wasn’t in Davao, we had our brunch at Zubochon.  I swear, if you didn’t need to watch out for your weight, you’d end up eating a LOT.  They also had a few “souvenir” treats that you could purchase (marmalades, pork skins or chicharon, and even their famous organic lechon).  Here below are some photos from our Zubuchon breakfast.




ready to eat


just delectable

assorted seaweed salad

So that about wraps up my Bohol trip (and Cebu sidetrip).  Hopefully I can go back and visit soon!  How about you guys?  Any places you want to visit anytime soon?

By the way, I’m posting this one on the day that I started to write about it. 🙂

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