Lifeskills 101: Swimming

We talked about lifeskills at work while discussing among the myriads of topics we usually pick on depending on the time of day and events that have transpired.  One particular lifeskill we seem to have lacked in common was swimming.  Majority in the group didn’t know the basics of swimming.  However, we seem to have aced “not drowning”.

Anyway, earlier in November, I was given the opportunity to take up a 12-session basic swimming lessons by one of our coaches in school along with my co-counselors and a 1 month pool membership in Grand Men Seng Hotel.  So there was no turning back.

The first day of the lessons involved the very basics in swimming.  Bobbing (for air bubbles), gliding, kicking, paddling, and last but not the least, Breathing.  Proud to say that we started our freestyle and backstroke on the first day.

The succeeding days were a different matter altogether.  The backstroke and the butterfly stroke was very challenging.  Honestly up until now, I’m struggling with these strokes.  I was surprised the coach complimented me and my fellow swim buddies in being fast learners (probably because we were silently competitive with each other) since the basic lessons were meant for freestyle only and we’ve progressed to diving, tumbleturns, sprints, and underwater glide.  A couple of good things came about from this activity.  I learned a new sport, I can now swim, and I seem to have reduced my weight while having fun!  And I still have 1 more session left!  Since my one month membership is already over, I had to put a halt my swimming legs.  But when my friends will be coming home from Manila, I am DEFINITELY calling the shots for our reunion.

Pool party here we come!


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