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The Cycling Chronicles: Biker Buddies

As I mentioned in my previous post, me and 2 other officemates have become bike enthusiasts as part of our wellness program in the office. So here are some snippets of what happened last May 11, 2013.

















The Cycling Chronicles: Upgrade Phase 2.1

It’s been more than a year since I had my mountain bike for a phase 1 upgrade. (Click here for my bike upgrade post) I remember telling kuya ROCKY (the person/mechanic who assemble my bike) that my next target for upgrading would be changing my gears to newer ones – particularly the rear gears or cassettes and the crank. In addition, I planned on upgrading my handlebar and stem (for a longer space in putting in accessories such as night light or ipod/mobile phone mount). But since I took a short sabbatical on my cycling, and financial constraints, I wasn’t able to follow through with my plan nor fully upgrade the targeted bike parts.

It was only recently that I returned to cycling and started riding my bike to work (only on Saturdays) last May 3, 2013). After having the inner tube of my rear wheel changed to a new one, I was geared to go. But when I encountered problems in shifting gears and constricting break pads, I started to worry. It was difficult to fine-tune your own bike if you’re not too familiar with what you should look out for. So rather than force on my inability, it was better to leave it be for the moment have those who are more knowledgeable check it out.

Last Saturday (May 11, 2013), my officemates and I planned on going for an afternoon bike ride at the same time fix Lesley’s bike. So off we went to an adventure – an adventure which I will post soon. I was shocked (to say the last) that one bike shop was charging Php250 just for adjusting my gears. So scratch that. When we passed by TYK along Sales St., we dropped by and had my bike checked there instead. They offered a more affordable price (plus the place was air-conditioned and had a bike stand for parking).

While browsing along their aisles of bike displays and spare parts, I came across their cassette display which were quite affordable and would fit my upgrade plan and set my mind at ease for safely riding my bike. Thus, I present to you my upgraded cassettes.


I know, I know… quite a lengthy introduction for just a piece of upgrade. But it was just very timely that the removable piece that was giving me great concern was one of the spare parts I fully intended to upgrade. So there are a couple more parts before I reach my mountain bike’s STARK 3.0 phase but it’s a slow but steady process.

Looking forward to more Saturday afternoon bike runs that are fun, exhilarating, and safe with my new biker buddies!

P.S. Wondering about the “STARK” thing? Well I have this app in my iTouch called Bike Repair that lets you input details on your bike – including what’s your bike name. So rather than using my “Name’s bike”, I thought Stark would do. (And yes, I am SOOOO into Iron Man too! That’s why!) 🙂

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