A Letter to Gary Sinise

@GarySinise Hi!140 characters in twitter wouldn’t be enough to encompass what I would like to say. So please humor me with this homage of sorts to you and to one of the shows that I have come to love and follow all these years.

I just wanted to say how much I love how you portrayed your character Mac Taylor through all these years. I think it’s safe to even say I love the character Det. Mac Taylor in his whole being – the haunted widower with many sleepless nights (at the start), the stern yet compassionate boss, the highly intellectual and analytical scientist, the former marine, the quiet and dependable friend, and the all-around good guy. I’m pretty sure there are more defining qualities other fans could come up with but that’s my general idea.

CSINY has been my regular fix of procedural drama over the years that have passed. It was one show that I felt so at home with that watching each episode was like looking into the lives of long-time friends and sharing with them in their losses and triumphs in each episode. I loved how each character developed in every storyline and watching their personal lives unfurl with all that too-close-to-reality daily living scenarios. I enjoyed seeing the friendships made and love stories unfold (most especially the Danny-Lindsay arc). It was painful for me to see the character of Stella Bonasera to go too. Thankfully, her storyline upon leaving was more acceptable rather than that of Jessica Angell. When road bumps were introduced between each character’s relationship, it kept me looking forward how you’d all get past it and see it strengthen your bond. I truly admire each character’s individuality and how it contributed to such a great and entertaining show. I am always amazed in every episode especially the myriads of guest stars in your list.

I’m beginning to sound like a fangirl. But I doubt if my knowledge would qualify. So that’s all I can say for now. If you’ve actually read this then i truly, and deeply thank you! I admire you as an actor, but most especially as a person and your passion for your advocacies.

I’m still keeping my hopes up for more seasons. Take care always and, if it’s not too much to ask, please send my best regards to all the cast and crew of CSI:NY all the way from Davao, Philippines.


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