School Assignments and Helping Out

My cousin is currently busy doing her homework on the next bed. A worksheet, it may seem, on affixes and word definitions. I know I should already get some sleep but seeing her hard at it makes me feel a tad guilty if I sleep ahead. To be honest, I want to be sure that she gets her assignment done before we hit the sack.

She asked for my help earlier. Just to clarify the definition of the word liquify. Thankfully, my vocabulary has encompassed that word in my memory bank. But aside from that, she’s doing things on her own. She’s in her first semester in college, taking up Education Majoring on English.

Strikes me as weird that I am tempted on sharing the sentences that may speed up her process, but what’s most surprising is how I’m reining in the urge to do so. Must be the “educator” in me teaching her to be self-reliant and able to make use of her senses and faculties in the journey of learning.

In comparison, the daughter of our laundry lady has been frequently dropping by every night to ask help in her assignments thus making our home as her study den, and my cousin as a tutor. I think it was last Wednesday that my Mom, my cousin, and I became collectively involved in her assignment – the flag of the Philippines. I assumed it was part of the Independence Day commemoration in their school. For a fifth grader she was quite loud and a bit obnoxious. Add that to the fact that growing up alone there wasn’t too much noise or chatter at home for assignments, it was quite annoying. Nevertheless I let them be. Mom was eager to help her out (she wasn’t feeling any abdominal pains that night), my cousin offered to draw for her while I was listening to their conversations. I had to put my foot down on all the spoon-feeding they were doing. Told her that Mom rarely-to-almost-never helped me in doing my homework, and that she can find what she needs in books and in doing research. Whipped out my mom’s iPad and told her to read. She was still speaking very loudly (negatively) about herself but thankfully she listened.

The next day she was proud to report that her flag was the only one correct in her class. Since then, she’s become a regular visitor at home. Not that I can complain too much about it. At least there’s an extra pair of hands to help mom out at home and a VERY talkative little girl to entertain her during her moments of pain.

Point of reflection: There’s a fine line between helping out and in spoon-feeding learning. It boils down on what you want to develop in a person. Communication is a key to learning. It opens up many possibilities. But you must always be aware of where it leads both the teacher and the student.

For now, I would never have believed it if someone told me. i’d be helping out a fifth-grader on the human reproductive organ nor worry myself over a college student’s adjustment and school requirements. I would’ve laughed. Joke’s in me now.


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