Food Trip: Toptea

There’s a new tea shop in town and I was lucky enough to have passed by this evening to check it out before heading home.


Toptea has just opened its doors to all Davaoeños today (August 4, 2013) situated at F. Torres St., Davao City.  It offers a variety of drinks for tea and coffee lovers – and even juice lovers – alike.  Their drinks come in different sizes ranging from small, medium, to large.  Prices were quite affordable too.  So whether you just want to give it a try or you want to have your fill of your preferred drink, there’s a size that fits you anytime of the day.


One of the store representative (not sure what post he held) was chatty enough to give a brief background of Toptea.  According to him, what sets Toptea apart is that they use authentic brewed tea as base for their tea drinks, and fruit nectar for their fruit drinks instead of powdered mixtures.  Currently, they have two branches nationwide.  One in Quezon City, and the other is here in Davao.  Toptea is also a sister company of Bioessence (one well-known spas here in Davao).

As part of their promo, drinks were on a “Buy 1 Take 1” deal.  So aside from ordering my milk tea, I was able to choose another drink for free.  Another store representative said that I could choose another beverage not just another milk tea.  So I got a fruit juice for my cousin as well.  While waiting for my drinks to-go,  said store representative gave me a special treat: a Toptea keychain (yey!).  I’m guessing it’s for a limited time offer only.  So if you’re into milk teas, fruit juices, and trying out new places – as well as freebies and limited edition collectibles – then better head out for Toptea!


I’m no connoisseur of beverages, but here’s my two cents worth on the drinks I ordered.  For the milk tea, I could distinctly taste the brewed tea which mixed well together with the milk and the flavor I chose.  The taste was strong and yet it provided the right tinge of oomph that you’ll savor while drinking.  As for the fruit tea, the tangy taste that the representative disclosed was evident with just the initial sip of the drink.


On a personal note, I am quite happy that the staff was able to spell my name correctly (without me having to spell it out for them).  Plus points!!!  Looking forward to hanging out with my friends there next week!


So if you’re eager to try something out with your friends, head on down to TOPtea – where every tea is a different brew.  They’re open daily until 11:00PM.



Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting


Contact Details:
Door #5, F. Torres St., Davao City just in front of Fairlanes Bowling Alley.
Telephone No. 282-4503

Check their Facebook page here.


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