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Counting Down 2013

It’s less than an hour left before the year 2013 comes to a close.  I don’t want it to pass without wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

As I wait with the rest of the country in welcoming 2014, I find myself… and my thoughts… being all over the place.  I’ve missed out on a couple of months blogging.   And though I seem to have the time now, my mind keeps wandering.

The year 2013 has been a struggle for me.  Life has been… challenging (to say the least!).  But that story’s for another post which I have yet to finish.  So let’s skip that for now.  I still have a lot to be thankful for though.  Good health, food, a job, the comfort and support of friends, and my mom surviving another year from her illness.  That’s the icing on this year-end cake.

Earlier this afternoon during one of our cycling chronicles, someone asked me if riding my bike was my new year’s resolution.  I answered with a flat out “No”.  I’ve been riding quite frequently for the past two months that it has become a part of my normal routine.  So it’s not a resolution… but a decision.

At that moment, I realized resolutions work more when it’s a decision you’ve opted to make and had the drive to stick to it.  It doesn’t have to be at the start of the year.  Anytime would do.  As long as the passion is there and it’s something you really want pursue.  It helps all the more if you have people around you and cheer you on along the way.  I’m not just talking about biking, or keeping fit, or staying healthy, but in other aspects in life as well that makes a difference.

Each year teaches us lessons.  Sometimes brutal ones that either make us reach out to the deepest recesses of our hearts to draw out herculian strength we didn’t expect from ourselves.  Other times, reminding us of the little things that make life fulfilling akin to the joy of being in the company of true friends and the simple joys of day-to-day surprises.

I wish I could enumerate every single moment wherein the year 2013 taught me more about life and finding myself… but my words wouldn’t do justice for that.

Now as I come to end this post 20 minutes before 2013 exits, allow me to say THANK YOU for taking time in reading my thoughts and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!

THANK YOU 2013, and WELCOME 2014!!!

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