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[A failed and an unfinished post last October 24, 2013]

My life in one word.

Everyday.  It’s a struggle.

I so badly want to detach.  To just scream and shout.

But that’s not me.

I’m not depressive.  I brood instead.

It’s been a habit to stay tough.  To put up a thick front.

My days are currently bombarded with tons of pressure from all sides.  I find it difficult to concentrate.  Whenever I try to work on a specific task, I end up losing focus… thinking of the other things I need to work on.  By the end of the day… I can’t accomplish anything.



Focus on What We Can Control

I posted this on my group’s Facebook page almost a year ago (last April 25, 2014 to be exact).  I don’t remember anymore the exact situation that was happening then… probably had something to do with boat training… A lot of frustrations from a number of members were thrown out here and there, slowly dwindling in our steps and our desires for the team… getting discombobulated…

Fast forward to the present day.

After having our own training boat, a change in training, joining 3 dragon boat competitions, the lose and gain of members… It still feels a bit surreal to have reached passed our one year of existence as a team.  Still, a we have such a long way to go.

Regardless of the may issues that may arise, allow me to share this one again (as apt as it may seem st this time).

With all that has been happening since the start of the training for the neophytes in dragon boat racing, it may seem like we’ve been taking one step forward and two steps back.

A lot of things are out of our control.  So allow me to urge each and every member to be “Proactive” (Stephen R. Covey).  Let us all channel our energies and efforts in things that we can control (e.g. Continuous training, our relentless spirit, and channeling our energies to more important and productive things).

Because, just as any other mythical creature awaken after decades and centuries of sleep, we begin our rise disoriented and at a loss.  So I think we’re all in the same boat (pun intended) when I say the road to success is never easy.  But like most greenhorns, we learn to adapt.  We may not yet have the right instruments but we persevere with an unwavering drive and make use of our resources.  We are steered by our goal and set our minds and heart to it.  And in turn, it leads us to where we all want to be.

Dreams aren’t meant to be easy.  For if they were, then it wouldn’t be worth the effort.  The beauty of reaching for dreams is that constant struggle in achieving it – its elusiveness as we grasp for it.  Remember… A caterpillar does not become a beautiful butterfly without struggling from its cocoon to show to the world it’s transformation.

Let us be reminded why we chose the name: Hiraya Minokawa Dabaw.  Hiraya – the offspring of our dreams, hopes, and aspirations; Minokawa – an icon to represent our dragon boat team that calls attention to our awakening spirit; and Dabaw – representing our land.  In short, we aspire to be an inspiration in our advocacies and that “out of nothing, we become more than something.”

Someday soon we’ll all look back on these struggles and reminisce the moments we’ve experienced during our rousing.  How, from being an ignored and forgotten entity, we soar above diversity united and surpassed our trials through being agents of change by checking our form (our stand), knowing which stroke to use (the route to take), and to always move forward and ride the waves in life.

So chin up, claws down.  Paddle up!  Attention… Ready… Now! 🙂

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