A Message of Gratitude

Good morning!

It is an honor and privilege to be in the presence of esteemed personalities – well-known School Administrators, Reputable Mentors and Professors, fellow colleagues (and board passers), and brilliant and engaging Ateneans today. When told to prepare a message for this event, a familiar sense of anxiety crept up my throat. [The kind that I experienced during the period of reviewing for the boards and waiting for the results to come out.] Think Little Albert in John Watson’s experiments. [cue the crickets]

Engineering a message is much harder than plotting a career path. You could still make some adjustments along the way.  So, for a moment, allow me to be overwhelmed by the reality of being here in front of all of you. Overwhelmed by stage-fright, by nerves, and most of all – with extreme gratitude.

The #RoadtoRGC has been a long and arduous one with lots of bumps over the course of the journey. I took up psychology with the intention of landing a counseling job in school. But luck struck out on me when working as an HR personnel was more viable at that time. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful of those experiences which somehow prepared me in seeing the world outside my comfort zone.

I have a lot to be grateful for. My officemates for one, who made returning to studying again worth its while especially to Lesley (We did it girl!); Professors who were always so encouraging – seeing potential in you even if you don’t; Doc Gail and Doc Nelly for always pushing me (us) on when I was in the point of crawling in the final stretch of my graduate studies; to the Ateneo community, for providing a lot of experiences both in and out of school, equipping me in being more that I can be; the Rugby Girls Team for their presence, understanding their generosity in their compliments in the belief that I can do it; friends both long-time [like Toffee] and unexpected one who were always there to lend a helping hand and cheer me on, always on the prowl to give their support, and to my late parents – especially my mom – who has been my inspiration all throughout this journey. I offer this milestone to them. And to the Lord God for being a source of strength and peace. AMDG.

Some years back I questioned myself if I dreamed so low, aspiring to be a guidance counselor while seeing most of my batchmates travelling the world. But looking back at how far I have come, and how much more I can do. It’s all worth it. So for those of you who are fearing their possible future outside the four corners of the school, don’t sweat the small stuff! Go out and explore and make the world your own.

Thank you and good day!

On a side note, (which I forgot to mention!) I want to thank Howard Rosenthal, whom I have never met but has made a great help and impact in surviving my review with his Encyclopedia of Counseling. I feel I have understood more my lessons in my undergraduate and Masters’ degree with his book.


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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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  1. Congratulations sister! You are beautiful and an inspiration to us all!😊💕😘

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