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My Super Late Birthdate Post

[Somehow the post I made last November 11 got erased… or my final output wasn’t saved properly… so I’m editing this one…]

I promised myself to – at least – post during my birthdays.  So I’m fulfilling that promise.

It’s been 3 months to this date since my birthday.  I had every intention of writing a post last August 11 (but I missed out that time.  Blame the lackluster drive to write) … the 11th of September… then I didn’t even try anymore last October.

You’d probably say “How pathetic!”  And I’d… somehow agree.  So instead of making excuses and justify with lame reasons, I’m going to simply jump in and share what’s been going on (to you my dear readers who’ve been patiently waiting).

Can you think of a time that you needed to accomplish something but just couldn’t get to really doing it?

This post would be one example for me.  I’ve been writing and rewriting it in my brain as if it were my birthday yesterday.  And yet I still could not make myself open my app.  Maybe the idea of turning an age older and not have accomplished much since last year was not even worth celebrating.  Even my boss has already encouraged me to take the time off then to finish my research paper revisions in time for my birthday to really have something to celebrate (the second example of something I needed to accomplish… you get the drift).  And I ended up coming down with the flu and fever during my birthday week.  Maybe celebrating for myself is just so passé. I haven’t been really feeling celebratory about my own self. Celebrating for others… well that’s another matter.

I guess it’s easier to celebrate for others than for myself. Glad to discover my “creative juices” have been free-flowing. I’ve been juggling from sketching, diys, and just about any stuff that catches my fancy. So I’m posting some photos of the ones I’ve done so far.

Office Stuff






DIY Projects








Sketches and Artwork







That’s all for now. If you want to ask about the DIYs I’ve made, feel free to post a comment and I’ll try to get back to you. I’m currently helping out the English Department of my grade level in preparing for a production. So i’m quite busy with that. I hope to write about it once it’s done. So keep posted! 🙂

In the meantime, if you want to be updated on some of my arts and crafts, check out my Instagram account at the right side of this site. 🙂



There are many things in life that you go through alone.  Being born, surviving the death of a loved one, duties at work, your thoughts, your emotions, writing your own paper…authentic happiness, getting sick… death.

It is so amazing that amidst the billions of people in this earth, no one else goes through the same thing as you.

(Terminal, Ecoland, 05.09.15)

—- unfinished

Comprehensive Exam Reviews

So another milestone is to be hurdled to this Saturday (January 18, 2014) and the next (January 25, 2014).  Comprehensive Exams have slowly crept its way to my life as I know it.

People I know who’ve had their comprehensive exams say that we have it easy since our lessons are still fresh in our minds.  (Uhhh… maybe if Statistics weren’t involved, I’d be more confident).  After the mad dash the week before to comply with the last-minute application, I only had a week for reviewing for the exams this coming Saturday.  UGH!!!

And it just so happens that one of my pupils are acting out requiring immediate attention for this past week.  Now it’s Friday and I feel I’m getting nowhere with my review.

Better burn the midnight oil and offer up candles and prayers for my examination soul tomorrow.

School Assignments and Helping Out

My cousin is currently busy doing her homework on the next bed. A worksheet, it may seem, on affixes and word definitions. I know I should already get some sleep but seeing her hard at it makes me feel a tad guilty if I sleep ahead. To be honest, I want to be sure that she gets her assignment done before we hit the sack.

She asked for my help earlier. Just to clarify the definition of the word liquify. Thankfully, my vocabulary has encompassed that word in my memory bank. But aside from that, she’s doing things on her own. She’s in her first semester in college, taking up Education Majoring on English.

Strikes me as weird that I am tempted on sharing the sentences that may speed up her process, but what’s most surprising is how I’m reining in the urge to do so. Must be the “educator” in me teaching her to be self-reliant and able to make use of her senses and faculties in the journey of learning.

In comparison, the daughter of our laundry lady has been frequently dropping by every night to ask help in her assignments thus making our home as her study den, and my cousin as a tutor. I think it was last Wednesday that my Mom, my cousin, and I became collectively involved in her assignment – the flag of the Philippines. I assumed it was part of the Independence Day commemoration in their school. For a fifth grader she was quite loud and a bit obnoxious. Add that to the fact that growing up alone there wasn’t too much noise or chatter at home for assignments, it was quite annoying. Nevertheless I let them be. Mom was eager to help her out (she wasn’t feeling any abdominal pains that night), my cousin offered to draw for her while I was listening to their conversations. I had to put my foot down on all the spoon-feeding they were doing. Told her that Mom rarely-to-almost-never helped me in doing my homework, and that she can find what she needs in books and in doing research. Whipped out my mom’s iPad and told her to read. She was still speaking very loudly (negatively) about herself but thankfully she listened.

The next day she was proud to report that her flag was the only one correct in her class. Since then, she’s become a regular visitor at home. Not that I can complain too much about it. At least there’s an extra pair of hands to help mom out at home and a VERY talkative little girl to entertain her during her moments of pain.

Point of reflection: There’s a fine line between helping out and in spoon-feeding learning. It boils down on what you want to develop in a person. Communication is a key to learning. It opens up many possibilities. But you must always be aware of where it leads both the teacher and the student.

For now, I would never have believed it if someone told me. i’d be helping out a fifth-grader on the human reproductive organ nor worry myself over a college student’s adjustment and school requirements. I would’ve laughed. Joke’s in me now.

Escaping Thoughts: Recent News Reports on Students

Lately, the news has reported about students attempting to take others lives (or those who have done so), and students who have attempted to take their lives (and of those who did). Has it become a trend already???

I pray that my dear students would always be smart enough to see the bright side of things and dispel any thought in taking one’s life (or another for that matter).

To share the words of wisdom of our distinguished headmaster from the Recognition Exercises earlier this morning, (parents, guardians, and teachers) let us practice the 3 As: Attention – give enough attention to your children; Affection – show how much they mean to you; and Affirmation – validate the accomplishments of your children.

Simple things but let us remember that 

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. – Leo Buscaglia”

Food Trip: Ice Giants

There’s a new (relatively) place for me that I’m enjoying as a snack place.  ICE GIANTS!  It has been operating for a few years in the city but it was only this month that I was able to try out the place (for a couple of times).  I wasn’t able to try it out when I was in Manila during 2006 – 2007.  But that’s okay.  The good thing is I get to experience it in my own hometown.

So I’m sharing with you a couple of pictures I took on the orders I made:

Ice Giants!

The “giant” menu


wall designs

the ceiling

close up of the ceiling light

Halo-halo! (my first visit order)

Lasagna! (another first visit order)

A platter of Tortillas (still from my first visit)

The Hungarian Sausage (2nd visit)

Cheesy Mushroom Burger (I think. Still from my 2nd visit! But my friend’s order)

The Berry Blast (2nd visit)

The whole ensemble of my 2nd visit

Can I just say that I LOVE their ice creations and their food in general!  I like the fact that I can share my platter of tortillas with my friends without feeling that everyone won’t get their fill.  Their halo-halo is just divine!  I long to create a perfectly iced halo-halo for my own business.  One that one come close to their servings!  Their berry blast specialty was a bit too sweet for me but, if shared with someone, it would be both economical and beneficial.  The hungarian sausage was what I expected.  Fully loaded and very hot (for my tastebuds that is).

What I love about Ice Giants is that it’s an ice cream parlor that you and your family and friends could go to and hang out and enjoy the good food.  I am especially looking forward to trying out their 3 kilo ice concoctions!

There are currently 3 Ice Giants Branches here in Davao City.  One in Damosa IT Park; the second one is at Sta. Ana Ave. (along Davao Central High School); and the third branch is at Quimpo Boulevard highway (along the intersection of Q. Boulevard and Sandawa).


Happy New Year 2012

Hi Everyone!  Happy New Year!!!  I haven’t been able to sit down and just leave my fingers to start keying the words my thoughts are dictating.  Been swamped with a number of things and different life events since last December that I haven’t been able to process it all and share about.  One thing’s for sure though.  2011 closed for me with a LOT of things to be thankful for.  And I wouldn’t be doing it any justice if I just simply enumerate it all without describing in detail each event.

Aside from that, I’ve also attended a number of parties and occasions that I would like to share with you guys.  I just haven’t got the time in uploading the photos to show you all.

So, sorry to keep you all waiting and thank you for your patience!  I’ll check in soon to update you all.

Advance Happy Chinese New Year!

Merry Christmas 2011!

December 1.  The start of the Christmas season (for me that is!).  I can’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and trepidation.  Trepidation for the many uncertain things that awaits me in my current job (project planning and execution), and getting the jitters of my employment status by the end of the year.

Nevertheless, I’m equally – more so rather -excited!  We just planned out our exchange gifts for our upcoming Christmas Party.  As the official in-charge of the party-planning and the Kris Kringle, I’m looking forward to our day-to-day gift-giving.  I’ve prepared a list of “somethings” we are scheduled to give our “Manito/Manita” on a daily basis (except Sundays) and I can’t hardly wait to receive my bag everyday!

Our Secret Santa List of "Somethings...

I’ve already started looking for items that would fit the descriptions as scheduled, and so far, I’ve bought 5 items I’m excited to give to “Elle“.

Day 1, check... and four other days, check!

So far, I have the following:

Christmas Tree sticksomething that starts with a “C” and ends with “E”

Angry bird ballsomething round and blue (which I just found out it lights up when being bounced)

Rainbow Springsomething twisted and mysterious

Winnie the Pooh mirrorsomething shocking and cute

Fun-shaped Rubber Bandssomething small and hairy

So that’s 5 things.  All the rest, I need to look for.

Can you guys give any suggestions?

Past Words Of the Day

Past Words Of the Day.

Hey guys!  I came across this post and I thought it would be nice to share with you guys. 🙂

A BFF-ful Weekend Adventure

One of my bff (Toffee) was in town during the last weekend of September.  This vacation was a spur-of-the-moment plan a few months back.  Good thing she was able to get a seat sale from Cebu Pacific.  So did one of her colleagues.

Anyway, a week before her arrival, I was already thinking what our plans would be for bff Rai’s birthday.  But since Rai “initially” planned celebrating her day with her family (since it was a Sunday), I didn’t press the issue anymore.  Instead, we decided to push through with our swimming adventure at Villa de Mercedes with her older sis MM, and first-time-in-Davao visitor Nina.

For a brief overview of my weekend, I’m marking it in days (sharing a few photos as well):

Friday (September 30, 2011)

Aya [Charles] and I was already set to go out with a couple of our workmates for a little RnR and get-together.  Since Toffee was around, I asked her to join us.  The videoke session with the guys was a FUN experience.  Getting to see their more “rowdy” side made it more fun to get to know them altogether.  I was even able to prod one of our officemates (Joy) to catch up with us.  And I made a new discovery!  Joy can sure carry out a tune!.  Note to self: Must volunteer her for the Christmas party program. LOL.

After the 3 or 4 hours of singing, we decided to call it a night (since Aya and I still had an inventory to attend to the next day.  So we said goodbye to our colleagues.  So that left the 3 (aya, achi, and me) of us.  Feeling a bit uppity, I asked them to eat Durian.  (Which I ended up eating all to myself!  Thank you aya for finishing of the LAST fruit for me).

Saturday (October 1, 2011)

Inventory day.  Imagine sleeping only for a couple of hours then waking up to get to the office early.  Lucky for aya, we just had to pick him up along the way to the farm.  Sheesh!  Talk about ZOMBIE-MODE.  LOL.  So off we went to our work.  Good thing we finished early.  I could catch a few Zzz’s before heading off to our basketball game that night.  UNFORTUNATELY, my brain had other plans.  I couldn’t even get a nap.  So instead of sleeping, I decided to meet up with achi instead at the mall.  Figured since she’d be watching my game, better go there together.  And what luck!  Raisa was also coming along.

After purchasing food to eat, we took a taxi to Woodridge so I could prep up.  Along the way, we were finally able to convince the birthday girl to come with us the next day.  Since her family celebration was for lunch, it left plenty of time to spare in the afternoon.  And as an added bonus?  Our godsons got to have permission to come along.  Perfect!

I love having my bffs there during my games.  I get to have a boost of confidence in playing.  Though at times I can’t concentrate.  Too much publicity.  LOL.  But I’m truly happy they’re there.

My AVID fans

Yup! My teammates are guys..

Although we lost.  I’m happy I was able to score a couple of 3 pointers.  (Show-off!)  My lack of sleep was slowly seeping in during the game.  And the lack of players wasn’t helping though.  Anyway, winning (or losing) didn’t matter.  I was just glad I could sweat off a couple of pounds from my system every once in a while.  Here’s to next year’s league! 🙂

Up next, dinner.  Since we all ate a heavy late afternoon snacks, we skipped the dinner plans at Lyndon’s and went off to Barrio Bistro to grab their buy 1 take 1 pizza instead.  If you remember, I posted about Barrio Bistro a few weeks ago.  Check it out here.  So off we went!  We ordered their All Cheese Pizza and another Pizza (I forgot what it was called) and waited for it to be served while catching up with each other’s life.  In addition, we had a small “exchange gift” moment too.

My bffs

Tangled (Our gifts)

Sunday (October 2, 2011):

BFF Raisa’s birthday!!! Villa de Mercedes Swimming day!!!

Being the “planner” of the group, I still had one main problem for our activity.  Transportation.

Just a little sidenote and background about Villa de Mercedes.  VDM is an exclusive subdivision located at Catigan, Toril 585 ft. above sea level.  When I say exclusive, I mean ELITE.  The homeowners don’t just allow walk-in guests and use their clubhouse… particularly their infinity pool.  That’s what discovered upon visiting VDM the first time.  I was looking for a venue for our Christmas party when I remember VDM (courtesy of my former classmate who posted a few of her photos here.  I didn’t get her words then when she said you needed an agent to get in).  So when I was at their coffee shop, the barista explained that you needed to be a homeowner, or invited by one, OR have an agent to “sponsor” your visit.  She then pointed me a brochure postcard indicating their “Agent For the Day” whom I could contact to be invited.

So flash forward. I already coordinated with the agent a few days ago but transportation was a last-minute problem.  So when I informed the agent just to confirm our invite, she called me up to ask for other details.  When we got to the point about the transportation (and lack thereof), she offered to drive my group instead.  Yes!  Problem solved!  After meeting up with my bffs, my godsons, and meeting achi’s officemate Nina, we waited for Ms. Agent to pick us up.

The ride was quite pleasant and Ms. Agent was very open in sharing about Villa de Mercedes.  Acting out as a tour guide, she happily gave information about each subdivision phase, from the main entrance… to the lots… the features… the amenities… and the overall briefing of its “ELITE-ness”.  Impressive!

Finally, we were dropped off at the coffee shop to take a breathtaking view of the pool.  After the final words, we went off to change and finally try out their ionized pool.

[For more information about Villa de Mercedes, I saw this site to share with you.]

Breathtaking. And the view wasn't bad too. LOL

The coffee shop up above..

Bffs and Godsons

Light snacks


After having our fill of swimming, we were ready to go and have dinner.  Ms. Malou toured as to their “Kubo” area wherein visitors could eat the foods we brought along (since bringing in of foods at the clubhouse and pool area was prohibited).  Good thing our godsons brought snacks for us to share with and munch on.


We did our perfunctory jumpshot (though I only posted mine. LOL)  So Ms. Malou dropped us of at SM.  Achi bought a couple of treats to bring back to Manila which we dropped off at their house then we went to…. LYNDON’S (remember by blog about them here?) with ate MM.

Ready to Order!

Our shared Dinner

Baked Scallops

Can I just say that the reaction of Nina was priceless when she took that first forkful of spareribs!  Utter bliss!

Next stop?  Eating durian! However, we got a BIT sidetracked when we passed by Margie’s Bakeshop and remembered we didn’t have a cake for the birthday girl.  So here it is!

Mini-cake shared by 5 ladies

To cap the day off (well… for me though since the four other girls were going to have a massage after), we went off to FINALLY have our Durian.  Durian is one of the fruit specialties in Davao.  With a smell like hell (so they say.  Personally, I find the smell appetizing) but tastes like heaven.  For Nina, it was a new experience and I was glad we were there to boost her into taking that first bite.

Durian! Arancillo variety

 Well, that’s all I can share for now!  Hope you enjoyed reading!  I’m looking forward to my next adventure. 🙂

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