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Ice Craze Variations

Remember my Ice Craze business?   Well, I hardly expected that we’d get a lot of customers.  But for the past few months in operations, we were able to have a small following of students until the end of the school year.

Now that summer is here, another challenge is being presented to my small business.  With students on their summer break, only our neighbors and friends come by to order.  But it’s okay.  At least I’ll have more time to improve what we will be offering.

Speaking of which, as part of our summer treat variations, I’m offering (per order only) Halo-halo and Mais con Hielo (both are specialties in our country).  I’ve already practiced making halo-halo (which I seem to have gotten it right) but I still need to improve on my mais con hielo.


mais con hielo trial

In addition, I’m practicing making flying saucers (an old school favorite of mine).  It’s a sandwich in a burger bun flattened in a hamburger toaster.  Hopefully it makes the cut on the customers!!

The flying saucers

So that’s it for the moment!  I’m also planning on making snow cones, but I don’t know how to make them.  Research mode on!


Jumpstarting Ice Craze

For fear of suffering pneumonia, I opted to take time off from my cycling.  Weather has been crazy in our part of the country alternating from cool mornings, hot noon, rainy afternoons, and then humid-rainy evenings.   Not healthy.  I’m still suffering from cough and colds so I better not push my health limit.  Mom would have a field day if I got sicker.

 When a door closes, a window opens

 Seeing that my cycling chronicles has been temporarily been put on hold (for the time being), I took this window of opportunity to jumpstart my planned business… ICE SCRAMBLE.

My idea of the Ice Scramble, was hazy, and uncertain.  Too “streetly” to be ever taken seriously as a business venture especially when my co-worker, Ate Ebang, brought to the office the Iskrambol (street work for Ice Scramble) she bought from her son’s school.  So when my other officemate (Joy) mentioned owning her own Ice Scramble business, I didn’t really get interested.  Even when she came by our house and seeing that our area was a prime spot (with schools just nearby) and talked with my mom, I was only half-heartedly listening, relying on my mom to pick up the details and shoulder the capital for expenses.

 However, last January 21, 2012, Joy was hired by Ate Ebang to serve her Ice Scramble to the Christening Celebration of her daughter (my newest godchild) thus having a chance to taste her ice creations.  It was the ignition that I needed to commit to this venture.  My own ICE CRAZE!

 Joy’s Advice

 Taking a few notes on Joy’s tips and after careful consideration, I finally invested on an ice machine to get my business started.  Ordering one machine online (with positive reviews on the item and the reliability of the seller), I was eager for its arrival last Saturday.  After the initial terror of the late delivery, my mind was eased once I got steady communication with the courier informing me that the delivery was running a little late and that It’ll arrive.  And it did!   Whew!  Thankfully Elmer was still around that time and he bought the machine for me in his motorcycle (since I was riding my back to work then and I was wondering: How would I be able to carry it?!).

 Time for the ingredients.

 Sunday afternoon, I went out to look for the needed equipment and ingredients/toppings to properly organize and set everything in order.  For the main ingredient though, I had to seek help from Joy.  And after my initial labour in buying the goods (containers, coolers, tools, toppings), I was eager to learn and get the ball rolling.

 Joy came by Monday evening to “tutor” us in making ICE SCRAMBLE.  Both me and my mom were AMAZED as to how easy it was to prepare and the results were appealing, appetizing, and GREAT!  The initial taste test was a success!  Mom was giddy with excitement that it seemed like a game… but with earnings.  The next morning, I prepared a fresh batch to have it taste tested by some of our close neighbours.  Let’s just say that even if students wouldn’t pick up our spot, we still wouldn’t be missing out on customers.

 We still haven’t decided on our price ranges so I’m still scouting our competitors and see how we fare.

Mom's Version


The Window opens even more

 One of our neighbours who taste-tested (my godmother), booked our small business on Friday for the Centrum­ – a science fair-like place (I think) that was having an event.  What better way to market our product!  Mom’s mixed with excitement and dread though.  After all, she’s still getting the hang off the preparations and customer service issues.  But then again, mom’s resilient.  And hopefully though, her hired help can come along.  Too bad that I couldn’t go though.

 Eventually, there’ll be more iced delicacies we’ll be able to prepare.  I’m considering the Filipino delicacy Halo-halo, Mais con Hielo, and Snow Cones (still need to find out how this is made).

 The possibilities look promising!  But for now, I’ll take it slow.  At least we’re generating income while having fun in our trial run!  One of the best things I got from this?  Mom wouldn’t be TOO bored with her retirement.

 Here’s a sneak preview of my first tarpaulin ad.

First Tarpaulin Ad

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