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47th PMAP Annual Conference

Just a brief overview, the 47th PMAP Annual Conference will be on October 13 to 15 2010 at the Cebu International Convention Center.  The theme for this year’s conference is “A New HoRizon“. I’ve posted below the Programme of this event for your reference.

PMAP Program at a Glance

For more details, you may view this site.


Mindanao 101 and Creative Advocacy Camp

I received a text message from one of my former teammates in basketball earlier about the Kids for Peace Foundation and Young Advocates for Peace.  Both groups will be organizing the Mindanao 101 and Creative Advocacy Camp which will be held on October 8 -12, 2010 at Loiza’s Pavilion, Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

This is a call for all youth who live in Mindanao who wish to be volunteers.  An opportunity to be heard and make a difference in Mindanao.  It’s open for youth who are 15 – 23 years old.

I’m quite interested but my day job wouldn’t make it too possible for me to join.  Add to that is the age limit as a volunteer.  For those who are beyond the age limit, they can apply as co-facilitators (only limited slots though).

For more details and information, I’ve attached the invite I have received.  Click this link:LETTER updated

Deadline for submission is tonight, September 27, 2010 midnight (Sorry for the rush guys!!! But I just received this today only).  Screening of applications will be on Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

So if you’re interested and have the passion in volunteering, in changing Mindanao for the youth, then this could be for you.

Good luck!

A Hoped For Holiday

An eruption of cheers reverberated in our 2nd floor office when I said that August 20, 2010 has just been approved as of 4:30 this afternoon as a Special (Non-Working) Day.


One of my classmates who works at the City Hall texted me that the declaration has just been signed this afternoon and that she’ll be faxing a copy to our office.  Bless her sweet heart!  ^__^

What would have been a really long weekend (a 4 day weekend) as dreamt by us with compressed workweek schedules was marred by the countering of the initially declared Holiday on Monday (August 23) Ninoy Aquino Day and reverting it back to its original date August 21 – a Saturday.  Then our hopes pummeled down as our local city government initially released that the request  in declaring August 20 as a holiday was not approved.  *SIGH* Farewell, oh hopes and dreams for a joyous long weekend.

Then a ray of hope!  An unexpected communication from an unlikely friend.  YES!!! 3 day weekend!

For those interested, here’s the faxed copy I have.

declaration for August 20 as a Special Nonworking Day in Davao City

Argh!!! I forgot!!! My boss will still be here by that time!!! Noooooooooooo!!!

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