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Phone Call from My Past

My ex-boyfriend called me up earlier.  It was an unexpected call really.  We don’t usually talk with each other after we’ve broken up.  Not because it was a bad break-up.  But more of the fact that I don’t feel comfortable with him after it.  I guess we never passed the “FRIEND” stage thus lacking it’s true essence.  Nonetheless, we have our occasional communication.
Anyway, he called me up to inform me that his father passed away early this morning.  It was quite a shocker.  I was in the middle of work, enduring its pressure (most especially today since my boss is here) when he dropped the bomb on me.  What else could I say?  Except for extending my heartfelt sympathies to his family.  I even texted a few of my friends for them to know.  One of my friends even asked me why he had to call me.  Hmm… I could only conclude was… I really DON’T know.
What a coincidence though… I’m currently worried about the same fate his family’s going through right now.  But I know with their faith, they’ll face this on as a family.  I wonder IF that would happen to me, would I be strong enough?

My condolences to the Pafin family in this trying time.

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