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Movies I Want To Watch VII

When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I was sure I’d want to watch it.  If not for the storyline, then for the visual effects and presentation.  Here’s the trailer for Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians.


Movies I Want To Watch VI

My mind’s racing into overdrive again on movies I’m looking forward to watch.  I’m not sure though if I’ll be able to see THESE movies in cinemas (mentally calculating the expenses… not cheap!), but I hope I’ll be able to watch it all… eventually.

I present to you the trailers that I was able to get from YouTube.

I. Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked

I’ve seen the first two movies and watching Alvin, Simon, and Theodore at it again brings back fond childhood memories.

and here’s another one…

II. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

After watching the previous 3 movies, there’s no question in my mind if I’ll be watching this 4th installment.  It never gets boring.

And here’s a short for Ice Age 4:

III. New Year’s Eve

From the creators of Valentine’s Day, here’s another star-studded movie revolving around New Year’s Eve.

IV. Disney’s Brave

Just the color of the protagonist’s hair has gotten me really interested in this Pixar animation.

Can’t wait!

Movie Quotes: Happy Feet Two

Watching Happy Feet Two last Saturday night was one of the best decisions I’ve made for the past week.  Aside from the exuding “cuteness” of the baby penguins, the tap-dancing, and great songs so aptly selected, the laugh-out-loud moments brought about the characters’ dialogue exchanges were just priceless for me.  So here are a few movie quotes I would like to share with you (not in order of the movie though).

Narrator: Everything in this world, no matter how big, no matter how small is connected in ways we never expected.

Penguins: We’re bringing fluffy back…yeah!

Mumble: But there are plenty of reasons to dance.
Erik: What’s mine pa?
Mumble: The only way to find out, is to try it. Come on son. Let’s shake this world!

Ramon: I wanna know what love is!

Ramon: What’s a best friend for if he cannot bring a daddy and his boy together?

Gloria: When your daddy is in a deep hole, he has to learn to stop digging.

Erik: Fluffy don’t float.

Ramon: Okay! Here’s what we’re going to do. We count to three. Push me on two… but don’t tell me!
Penguins: One….. (they push Ramon in)
Ramon: Baby penguins – cute, but ruthless!

Ramon: The love-god is back!
Atticus: Whoa! Ignored by thousands!

Carmen: You. Me. Fat chance.
Ramon: I have a chance, and it’s fat!

Ramon: But who will love Ramon?!

Sven: If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.

Sven: Believe in yourself Erik. Sven believes in you.

Will: There’s only one of me in the world. I’m one in a trillion.

Will: Everything has an end. I must reach the end of the world.

Will: This is our moment Bill.
Bill:  Okay…
Will: Adapt.  Or die my friend.
Bill: Adapt?  There’s no telling what we might become!
Will:  Fine! Be a plankton for all your life.

Bill: Will, what are we looking for?
Will: That’s the adventure my friend. I don’t know.

Will: I’m moving up the food chain! I’m gonna chew on something that has a FACE!
Bill: No no no no….
Will: (latches on, chomps down) “A little…chewy.
Bill: You just nibbled on it’s butt!

Baby Penguin: Booyah!

Mumble: When things go wrong, running is not the answer.

Mumble: Okay, keep going.  But nice and slow.

Elephant Seal: Take your little furball and fluff off!
Atticus: You’ll be apologizing, or I’m gonna tear you a new nostril!

Miss Viola: Do you have a tail feather?
Boadicia: Yes, I have a tail feather!
Miss Viola: Then you shake it, my dear!

Penguin: Every obstacle is an opportunity.

Mumble: But there are a lot of dangers out there.
Viola Boadicia: Not dangers but challenges.

Will: Delusional singing. That’s the first sign of madness.

Bill: Let’s make our own swarm!
Will: We’re both males.
Bill: Let’s adopt!
Will: No.  You adopt! I adapt!
Bill: Fine!  There are many other krills in the sea.
Bill: Will?  Wait for me!

Bill: So… you want some music?
Will: Nope.
Bill: Let’s have some music!
Bill: (singing) Wake me up before you go go. ‘Coz I’m not planning on going solo. Wake me up before you go go.
Will: (groans) Would you keep it down!
Bill: I wanna hit that high…
Will: Just keep quit!
Bill: Yeah yeah!

Bill: (singing) I’m never gonna give you up. I’m never gonna let you down…

Gloria: Come on everyone.  Let’s cuddle up.

Mumble: Ramon! It’s incredible! Everybody came.
Ramon: Except for that guy who stayed behind because he had the sniffles…
(Penguin sneezes loudly in the background)
Ramon: Oh, no, he’s here.

Ramon: I hate this long distance relationship.

Ramon: You are my world.. entirely.
Carmen: Ramon, you’re beautiful!
Ramon: Only on the outside…

Will: Imagination is the second sign to madness.

Penguin: As long as we are together, we are already home.

Penguin: It’s nice to have a family.

Mumble: Come on. We’re wasting our time. There’s nothing for us here
Erik: No, Pa. This is so unfair. After what you have done, you really deserve better.
Mumble: Nothing makes sense in this world, Eric.

Bill: We all have a purpose. Yours is to change the world.

Bryan the Beachmaster: Sometimes you have to back up in order to move forward!

There are some quotes that still come to mind but I can’t remember the exact wording.  I’ll update this once I remember.  In addition, I’ve added some of the songs which I caught myself bouncing into.  Thanks to iMovie for uploading these tunes in your channel:

The Intro Medley

Papa Oom Mow Mow

Dragonstea Din Tei

Bridge of Light

Under Pressure/Rhythm Nation

Have you guys seen the movie already?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  For those who haven’t, I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough for you to watch it with your family!

Happy watching!

Movies I Want To Watch V

Here’s another set of movies I’m looking forward in watching:

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Also known as Journey to the Mysterious Island.  It’s the sequel of the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth.  I wasn’t able to watch the first movie fully but this one looks interesting.

Snow White & The Huntsman

Coming from the producer of Alice in Wonderland Joe Roth, here’s a different version of Snow White that will be gracing the silver screen



I’m a fan of Greek mythology.  So I’m pretty much looking forward in watching this one.

Movies I Want to Watch IV

After receiving a notification on my Facebook about the current and upcoming movies in one of our malls here, I’m currently drooling over some films that I would LOVE to watch in the big screen.  Mentally counting the money in my wallet and marking off the days in the calendar before the next payday… I’d be über broke by the end of the week.  LOL.

Anyway, I googled a few movie posters for me to stare at and thought I could share it with you.




I’m so excited!  Now, aside from the budget constraints issue, if only I had some company in watching THESE flicks.  Going dutch would be fine, as long as I had someone along.

Being single.  SIGH.

How about you guys?  Any movies you want to watch over the long weekend? 🙂


A Tangled Sky Lantern Inspiration

Last night was SUUUUCH a humid night!  While locking up our gate, I couldn’t feel any breeze or gust of wind after noticing that the leaves of the tree across our house didn’t even sway.  Hmm… would have been a perfect night to try sending out a sky lantern.

Say what?

Yup.  A sky lantern.  Ever since I got the chance to watch Disney‘s Tangled, I’ve been hooked with the movie.  I think I’m having a new Disney princess favorite!  Rapunzel’s story seems to grow on me.  So what’s the connection?  For those who saw Tangled, you would know that the sky lantern plays an integral part to the whole story.  Also a touching moment for me too.  For those who haven’t, well I won’t spoil it for you.  But I’m sharing a couple of photos which I googled for you to get the picture.

Disney's Tangled Boat Poster


"I See The Light"

Sky Lantern Festival

More sky lanterns

Simply magical right?

I’ve spent half of this day looking for DIY guides and “how-to’s” in creating a sky lantern.  But it requires a couple of tools that are currently not within my reach.  And there are no shops here in my hometown that are currently selling any ready-made sky lanterns.  But then again, I’ve always preferred creating things on my own.  I’ll just set a date for making my own then.

At some point, I came across a couple of videos showing how to make your own sky lantern, and another particular video instruction mentioned that before you send off your sky lantern up in the sky, you write down your wish.  Inspiring.  Something I could do with and/for my friends.  Sky lanterns have been dated 2000 years ago in China.  (Correct me if I’m wrong)  Though they were used in sending out messages during the time of war.   And a festival is annually held in a Taiwan for sky lanterns too a few weeks after Chinese New Year.  Now I want to go there!  Even in some weddings, sky lanterns have become an option in celebrating that joyous day.  Check it out here.

Anyway, I’d like to share a couple more posts inspired by Tangled and sky lanterns.  Here’s one, and another, and one more here.

I think I’m tangled (pun intended!) enough for now.  LOL.

One of my NEW dreams?  Making the perfect sky lantern.  A toast to our dreams and having new ones! 🙂

Movies I Want to Watch III

I was browsing over the net a while ago and here are some upcoming movies I want to watch:

1. Tangled (Disney‘s version of the classic Rapunzel)

2. Megamind

And of course, the most anticipated conclusion (regardless of being divided into two parts) of my generation’s highly followed franchise

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


And to think, all these movies are set to be showing by November 2010.  I can’t hardly wait!

See you at the movies!


I was watching Disney’s UP late last night and I was blown away (pun intended) by the story. As always, animated movies never ceases to amaze me. There’s always a touch of magic and wonderment, a lesson learned here and there, and tear-jerking moments just around the corner.

There’s just something sweet about grumpy old men and how they perceive the world around them. No one is ever too old to start on a new adventure, and life’s adventure doesn’t need to be away from home. It begins from the little things,every single moment made memorable shared with people that make the ride worthwhile. Be it at the depths of the jungle wild, the spaciousness of the sky above, or just the comforts of your own place.

The spirit of adventure may be lost from time to time but is never completely gone. We may lose sight of what our dreams are because of day-to-day pressing concerns but it’s just hidden from plain sight waiting to be rekindled. All it needs is reinvigoration.

So for those who’s feeling down and looking for inspiration, for those looking for a feel good movie, a coming-of-age movie, I would suggest watching UP. It’s a good movie to share with your family as well.

“Cross my heart.” – Carl Fredricksen

UP movie poster

Hold Your Dream

I was thinking earlier on how a person, regardless of age, can still learn new things every day.  There is always an endless supply of things to discover in the world, a source of wonderment in every nook and cranny awaiting its notice.  Maybe because of its countlessness, people just direct their attention to those easily seen for their convenience.  Most often, letting go of their dreams just to belong, to fit in, and to be on stable ground (financially).

There’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m guesing that it gets the best in all of us to have a foothold in this fast-paced world.  But, there are times, we revisit our dreams deeply hidden in the realms of our subconscious hoping to be reawakened.

Anyway, here’s one song from Fame the movie that I find very inspiring in some of my dark days.  I got to watch it once with a few of my friends and I can say, if not for the lyrics, then the voices of the artists would truly amaze you.  You can watch the video of the final performance in the movie here.

Fame Movie Poster

Hold Your Dream
Fame Cast

Countless hours of learning more
Countless hours of knowing less
Can’t look behind you you have to look ahead

So many doubts running through your mind
All the excuses don’t have the time
All the rejection you have to leave behind

Leave it all behind

Hold your dreams
Don’t ever let it go
Be yourself
And let the world take notice

You’ll find strength
When people bring you down
They will see
If you will only, only believe

Someway, Somehow (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don’t give up now (Don’t give up)
Don’t be afraid to succeed (To succeed, yeah)

Someway, somehow (Come on, everybody)
The time is right now (It’s our time, yeah)
Don’t be afraid to succeed (To succeed, yeah! )

Hold your dreams
Don’t ever let it go
Be yourself
And let the world take notice

You’ll find strength
When people bring you down
They will see
If you will only, only believe.

St. Elmo’s Fire

I didn’t know that the instrumental piece I’ve been meaning to look for was a title I’ve browsed over for quite sometime.  If it wasn’t for the primer of the concert of David Foster last night, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to wiki it and find out what it was.

So what am I talking about?  It’s the love theme from “St. Elmo’s Fire“.  I got the chance to listen to the David Foster along with Kenny G version.  And I must say, it’s just soothing to the ears.  I can’t describe exactly what feelings are evoke from me in hearing this song.  I don’t know the story of St. Elmo’s Fire but the music is enough for me to be interested in watching the film.  Maybe I’ll get a copy of it.

Anyway, if you want to listen to the music, click this 08 Love Theme from ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’.mp3“>link.

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