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Twilight Run: A Freaky/Fun 5K Run

My body from the small of my back to the toes of my feet are still aching from last night’s Freaky 5K Halloween Night Run or was tagged as Twilight Run.  It’s been more than a month since I’ve last joined a Fun Run event and basing from my last month’s record, I was a bit doubtful of my performance.  Basketball season for me is over (in the sense that our team lost in the prelim games) and I’m not getting any practice and exercise.  So getting back to running was an opportunity for me to stay (at the least!) in shape.

The Twilight Run was a fixed 5K Fun Run event and a special 5oom foot race for the kiddies which was Halloween-inspired wherein you dress-up (whether young or old).  It was also a night run (the 2nd night run I’ve been in).  In short, the givens were all to my advantage.  Well… except for the dressing up thing.  And the best part?  All finishers get to receive a medal.

The Event Flyer

After registering a week [or so] before the race, I was all set.  It was my bff Raisa who wasn’t able to register earlier on.  Luckily, they still accepted registrations on the race date.


Pre-Race Activities

Due to a slight drizzle, the event had a little delay.  After all, it wouldn’t be good for the kiddies to go running in the rain.  Parents would have a fit.  So what better way to spend the time to take wacky photos and fun shots.  Since bff brought her handy-dandy camera, off we went (along with a few of her officemates) to take a few snaps of ourselves while waiting.  Observe exhibits below:

bff and me (after getting HER OWN singlet)

Uhh... yeah.. LOL

bff's officemates aka running addicts

Afterwards, the EMCEE’s started announcing reminders, greets, and pre-race instructions.  There were a couple of things that bothered me though.  1. Raffles.  If they planned on stationing their drop box at the baggage counter, they should have placed signages and instructions to their personnel to collect the entries BEFORE or DURING the time that participants were depositing their stuff at the counter.  2. Glow Sticks.  If they planned on handing these out as the runner’s early warning device for safety, organizers could have included these items in the race kit, or while the runners were still loafing around they could’ve announced that participants claim their glow sticks at the BAGGAGE COUNTER in order to avoid congestion at while distributing them.  And 3. Start/Finish Line.  If possible, during their next organized Fun Run event, a Marshall should be stationed at the starting line to inform runners where to face.  Just imagine our preliminary confusion when we started lining up facing East when we should’ve been facing South.  Sheesh!

Well, that’s off my chest.

Before gun start, the EMCEE’s announced that runners will be categorized into 4 kinds of runners.  The Vampires, The Werewolves, The Ghosts, and The Zombies.  The Vampires are those that would finish the race in less than 2o minutes.  The Werewolves – 20 to 25 minutes.  The Ghosts – 25 to 30 minutes.  As for the Zombies – 30 minutes and up.  Well I guess I know where I belong!  LOL.   We also had a “unique” stretching exercise.  Dancing to the beat of Ghostbuster’s TV Theme (my birth theme song! refer to this post here), then to MJ’s Thriller.

Gun fire was at around 5:57pm on my iPod.  I kept on monitoring my pace though.  So after 10 minutes of nonstop running, I could feel the stress on my leg muscles so I slowed it down into a jog-walk for 20 minutes (that made me a Zombie runner by this race’s standards already).  Afterwards, the battery of my iPod died so I ended up using my phone as basis alternating between jogging-walking-running-brisk-walking.  I made a personal record though.  When I could view the finish line, the elapsed time flashing on the screen was 47 minutes and something seconds.  Yes!  A new record!  Pay-off for my sore leg muscles!

A New Record!

Zombies and Proud of it!

My 1st Fun Run Medal!

I LOOOOOVEEE the design of the medal!  Haha!  Ok, I know.  It’s just a medal and everybody got one.  But still!  I got to have one!  A satisfying award for something you’ve put great effort in!  The kid in me still yearns for gold stars too you know.  Haha!

The After Party

Did I mention that there was an after party?  Well if I didn’t you’d still get the FYI from the flyer I posted.

I’m not keen on joining parties.  But I just felt good about the whole event that I wanted to savor the aura.  The weather was getting better as the night kept on.  Just perfect in soothing my aching muscles.  I was looking forward as well to one particular band who was going to perform (the main reason why I wanted to stay because I saw the band as the runners were still gathering).  So rather than my initial plan in going on a mall-walk after the run, I was more eager to go on a music trip instead.  At least I got to sit down!

Items were being raffled off in between the 3 bands playing.  I didn’t get the name of the 1st band though.  The 2nd one was Utopia or Eutopia.  And the 3rd (the one I was eager to catch) – The Baby Boomers Band!

I’ve posted a few video clips at my YouTube Channel of the after party fun for you to catch a glimpse of.  And I’m also posting a few here for all of you.

I’ve always been fascinated with Poi Dancers and the more ostentatious ones – the Fire Dancers.  So just imagine how amazed I was when I saw THESE guys (yes, they’re from Davao) – The Apo Dujali Drum Beaters!  I hope I got their name right!

One word kept popping into my mind.  Hypnotic.  Their movements, the fire, and the chanting was powerful.  I’ve got a few more clips of their presentation here.

And to cap of the night’s festivities, here are the clips I recorded for your entertainment.

Ahh… to be young and have great talent…  I tell you, seeing these guys on stage and feel the raw energy of their music exuding from them, you can’t help not to twist ‘n shout wishing you were 17 again.  They feel their music and project it with their talents.

On a side note: I first saw these guys perform a few months ago in Matina Town Square (MTS) in Taboan.  It was only last night that I got to catch them live in action again.  And as before, they were simply AMAZING.  You couldn’t help but be in awe of their talent.  Really good music and great as performers too!  They remind me of my dad, his band-playing days, his favorite type of music, and the music we used to jam to during Sunday mornings (with Dad covering the tough parts though).

Sorry blog buddies if they’re only clips (and incomplete ones).  I only had a point and shoot camera and I was watching my things and at the same time recording.  Anyway, if you want to catch up on more information with Baby Boomers Band, here’s their Facebook page.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing  more of their gigs soon!

In my book, the Twilight Run was an overall success!  Congratulations to NextLevel Media, Inc. on a job well done.  Till next race!


A Fun Run Interview

3 days have passed since my first Fun Run with my new run buddy, Mackay.  But until now I am still constantly hounded over mobile phone texts, and Facebook comments on that not-so-uneventful day.  You see, out of the thousand runners, it was me and my run buddy who got interviewed.  Like most impromptu interviews, ours was really unexpected.  You’d think that those who took a coverage wouldn’t bother runners.  Unfortunately though, us as “runners” opted to brisk walk along the way while chatting.  Thus the ambush interview.

I didn’t even remember what the content of the interview was.  I was so out of it!  I sort of remember stating that we were running to have fun, and then slightly (and I mean SLIGHTLY) confirm knowing the cause for the event.  ARGH!!! Talk about epic fail!  Sheesh!  And to think I had my shades but didn’t wear it at that time!  Good thing the cameraman didn’t record below our race bib numbers or else all those who watched the news coverage (and its replay) would have seen my name!  That didn’t help though.  A number of people texted me saying they saw me get interviewed.  Even my aunt saw it!  Then lo and behold, a few of my Facebook friends were posting comments, mentioning the news and seeing me… a field day!  And frankly, a bit too much exposure.

I never got to see the coverage (and I’m a bit THANKFUL for that!).  At least I wouldn’t be having repeated flashbacks of another humiliating moment in my life! Whew!  I’ll never make side comments and quirky comebacks of people who were interviewed for TV (especially those who were in candid camera).

That was more than 15 minutes of fame for me.  I hope it won’t happen again.  Or rather, if it can’t be helped, I hope I’ll be more prepared, quick to respond intelligently, and most of all… be in INCOGNITO!

Lol!  Well I’m glad I made a few people smile during these past few days.  I hope I’ll get to do more (but less on my expense).

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