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My Super Late Birthdate Post

[Somehow the post I made last November 11 got erased… or my final output wasn’t saved properly… so I’m editing this one…]

I promised myself to – at least – post during my birthdays.  So I’m fulfilling that promise.

It’s been 3 months to this date since my birthday.  I had every intention of writing a post last August 11 (but I missed out that time.  Blame the lackluster drive to write) … the 11th of September… then I didn’t even try anymore last October.

You’d probably say “How pathetic!”  And I’d… somehow agree.  So instead of making excuses and justify with lame reasons, I’m going to simply jump in and share what’s been going on (to you my dear readers who’ve been patiently waiting).

Can you think of a time that you needed to accomplish something but just couldn’t get to really doing it?

This post would be one example for me.  I’ve been writing and rewriting it in my brain as if it were my birthday yesterday.  And yet I still could not make myself open my app.  Maybe the idea of turning an age older and not have accomplished much since last year was not even worth celebrating.  Even my boss has already encouraged me to take the time off then to finish my research paper revisions in time for my birthday to really have something to celebrate (the second example of something I needed to accomplish… you get the drift).  And I ended up coming down with the flu and fever during my birthday week.  Maybe celebrating for myself is just so passé. I haven’t been really feeling celebratory about my own self. Celebrating for others… well that’s another matter.

I guess it’s easier to celebrate for others than for myself. Glad to discover my “creative juices” have been free-flowing. I’ve been juggling from sketching, diys, and just about any stuff that catches my fancy. So I’m posting some photos of the ones I’ve done so far.

Office Stuff






DIY Projects








Sketches and Artwork







That’s all for now. If you want to ask about the DIYs I’ve made, feel free to post a comment and I’ll try to get back to you. I’m currently helping out the English Department of my grade level in preparing for a production. So i’m quite busy with that. I hope to write about it once it’s done. So keep posted! 🙂

In the meantime, if you want to be updated on some of my arts and crafts, check out my Instagram account at the right side of this site. 🙂


Early Celebration

It’s been more than an hour since the clock struck 12 signaling the start of a new year in my life. It’s been more than an hour since I parted ways with my girls. I initially planned a “Birthday Eve” post but somehow… what I planned to post last night wouldn’t apply anymore.

I still can’t label the exact emotion that I am feeling. Bittersweet… maybe. Happy on one end since the day brings joy as a present itself, and nostalgic on the other end knowing that I won’t be greeted in the morning as I was used to. Nevertheless, someone… somewhere… somehow… makes it right. With just a smile.

    Reasons to Smile

I rarely receive surprises (especially during my birthdays). Mom would always let herself slip in telling me about her “surprises”. My friends… well… I end up pointing out my suspicions and poof! Busted. I didn’t hear the silent hustling of feet this time nor paid too much attention to the nonverbal cues of my bffs. I wasn’t treated to the sound of a band loudly playing their natal tunes (not that I normally would) nor the charismatic greetings at home but instead, I was treated to an early surprise serenade by Baba. A much appreciated birthday gift from a friend a thousand miles away. Aside from that, a scribbled genuine and heartfelt greet gave me more reasons to smile. A reminder of how lucky I am to be me.


Now, 2 of my friends (Kimi and Toffee) working in Manila flew in for the weekend. Toffee flew in especially for my birthday. It felt good again to just spend time with them and TALK. A memorable afternoon spent for gown-fitting (for Kimi’s wedding), dinner dates and hunting for materials for Toffee’s gown. Had coffee and tea at Toptea then stayed out until 12MN at YohFroz to celebrate the eve of my birthday. Thank you for sitting in with me as I welcomed a new year in my life. I feel so lucky and blessed to have the greatest set of friends anyone could have! Thanks Rai for sacrificing sleep to stay up much later than you should have. Most of all, THANK YOU for your surprise! A wonderful and amazing treat indeed!


Right now my heart seems to palpitate heavily. This overload to the senses has left me wide awake. There’s still a void in me somewhere… questions still unanswered… But just by basking in the sunshine of the authenticity and goodness of true friends – whose presence warms my heart – I know everything will be alright.


My [What A]Day

My day started out pretty gloomy.  No breakfast set on the table, no steady chants of the “Happy Birthday” tune from Mom or Dad, no presents by my bedside.  Waking up early wasn’t too appealing… but I slept early and oversleeping would have caused unwanted headaches.  Not a good thing to carry the whole day.  I wanted to take a leave of absence (even an unpaid one) but there were a number of pending workload at the office.


I longed to be serenaded “Mañanita-style” – early morning singing from a group of friends to start my day.  But, so far, I haven’t had the privilege of that activity.  The more traditional greets I get are the midnight texts (and calls!) from a few of my closest friends.  2 people greeted me that time.  Tol and my ex bf.

The day continues…

I didn’t really know what to expect.  But with the numerous birthday greetings I got in Facebook, plus the personal greets (and off-key singing) from my office mates, it was hard not to feel a tinge of warmth inside me and cause a breakout of smiles.

Here are a few simple surprises that made my day:


Flowers taken from a decoration at the office given by 2 of my teammates/officemates


Rocker Girl’s Gift (For my basketball days)

A bouquet of flowers was also delivered in the office from a secret admirer (not really, let’s just pretend to make it more exciting! LOL).  I’ve always wanted to receive a package of that kind.  A truly heartwarming experience.

My day became quite hectic in the afternoon.  My scheduled interviews pretty much took up my time.  I was feeling a bit guilty not being able to provide, at the least, light snacks for the office.  But I had no choice.  Being broke is such a stressor!

I wasn’t too eager to go home and celebrate by myself.  Thankfully, bff Toffee told me her sis wants to meet up with me.

Maybe Ate MM will be giving me the souvenir she promised from her trip! Weee!

Bff Raisa was also coming along to meet up.  A welcome company.

Surprise, surprise!!!

Ate MM, came along with 3 boxes of Cello’s Donuts & Dips (as per instruction of her younger sister/bff Toffee).  Definitely unexpected.

I still miss the numerous personal greetings from people I know but this one sums it up.

DSC01478  DSC01479     DSC01480


Thank you BFFs Toffee and Raisa!  Thank you, Ate MM!  Thank you for making this day special for me.  I guess no matter which part of the country we are (or the world for that matter!), going the extra mile, being able to put a smile in our faces and uplift our soul, will never be a problem.  I’m still a bit sad for a couple of things, but It’s not much of a big deal now. Smile

Thank you.

Great Things Come In Small Packages

I couldn’t agree more!

I mean, take a moment and think of the wonders of the iTouch.  A small package, but packs a wallop in giving loads of entertainment for the young and old alike.  My bffs ‘ day probably wouldn’t be complete if they can’t play Tap Tap Revenge, or Cut The Rope. Add to that listening to their favorite tunes and playlists, watching videos, taking pictures/videos (for 4th gen), PLUS being able to browse the internet in some Wifi hotspots!  Talk about multi-tasking!  Never a dull moment for those who have this baby.  (And loads of sleepless nights too!)

I’m itching to have one too but that would not be a reality anytime soon (unless if I win millions).

Moving forward…

Another small package is the mobile phone.  Depending on your preference, mobile phones have come a long way from what I was able to witness in it’s evolution phases.  From big, bulky, manly-type mobile phones to small, hand-held phones that vary for it’s functionality, fashion statement, “social statement”, and uniqueness.  One is ever at a constant quest on the “perfect” phone that would encompass all the most sought after functions.

But what I will never tire of mobile phones is it’s capability in connecting two (or more) people who are worlds apart.  Just this morning I was able to keep in touch in a number of people I rarely see.  There’s also one bff who’s inner desires she expressed through text.  I love being able to receive photos of friends from far away on things that have happened, or something new they’ve seen.  To borrow Smart‘s tagline: SIMPLY AMAZING.

And I’m down to my third item.  The main reason why I’m making this blog.  Well, just before break time, an officemate who i could say I’m not that close to (but get along with just fine) surprised me with his pasalubong for me.  A bag of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!!  Just two pieces actually.  But I was truly touched since he gave me a separate package from what he gave to one group in the office.

It may have been a small package (not even a box) but it truly made me smile.  It wasn’t just the content or its wrappings, but the thought, the gesture, the effort made that made me feel special.

My Krispy Kreme Surprise

On a sidenote, one contractual worker offered me his small box of raisins which I gladly accepted.  What’s nice about it was that I was just expecting the treat of raisins when I noticed that the box housed a cardboard cut-out for a raisin paper doll.  Sweet! 🙂

Raisin and Paperdoll all in one

Another small package – FRIENDS.

They all come in different shapes and sizes.  Each differing from one another.  But each one offering more than what you would expect.

My year 2010 ended with a bittersweet note.  The first Christmas without my daddy, and welcoming a new year without his comforting presence.  But nonetheless, I’m thankful for celebrating the last days of 2010 with my friends, and enjoying the first few days of the New Year (2011) with the comfort of my closest friends.

Cheers to you guys!  And thanks for being my small packages in life that I could always grab on and carry with me – memories and all.

couldn’t find a group picture that was complete. Settling for this instead – A “Big Top”

What’s Up? Smile!

Nothing new really.  I just had a long exercise of my face muscles this afternoon.  My “darling” came for a visit after arriving from abroad.  I never realized how much I missed him until that moment that I had a hard time containing my laughter and smiles in front of many people.  Like I said, my face muscles were aching by the time he left.

Some would say it’s too early to be back to normal after a loved ones passing.  And sometimes I feel I shouldn’t be too happy because I am still grieving.  But life has other plans.  And I find myself, though sad at times, focusing more on things that make me smile and feel better.

So here’s a tribute to the day that passed… SMILEYS FOR EVERYONE!!!

“cheshire grin”

So cute!!! 🙂

Here’s another one:

sooo happy…

Oh c’mon!  I know you want to.  Go ahead!  Laugh out loud! 🙂

mouth-pulling fr

And I have friends who are like these guys. ↑↑↑

And here’s a little “cutie” thing that’ll make you smile:

awww… so cute!!!

So cute!!! 🙂 Hope I made you all smile! 🙂

My Cheesecake Surprise

I was surprised when one of my schoolmates sent me a private message through Facebook saying she’d like to meet up with me because a certain close friend of mine asked her to give me something.  I was a bit doubtful at first since I’ve never even talked to the “messenger” when we were in high school.  But after putting two and two together (questions from a friend abroad, and hints from my bff), I decided to give it a go.

Yesterday morning, October 25, I met up with Naidz at McDonald’s Bajada.  And I was right!  The surprise was from my friend in Australia – EJ.  The surprise?  A pack of baked cheesecakes.  Aww… I was deeply touched by the surprise and the thought.  What moved me more was EJ’s message.  “Just a little something to brighten your day.


And it did!

As proof for EJ, Naidz took a picture of me holding the pack.  When I met up with bff afterwards, she too received a pack.

Now, I’m craving for more cheesecakes!!!


Malaysian Surprises

Last night, I received the “pasalubongs” achi mentioned.  Got one magnet and a pair of dangling earrings from Malaysia given by my BFF.  (I would’ve accepted an iPod Touch too, you know.)hahaha!! ^_^

My Surprise Bracelet

The other day I was commenting on one contractual worker on one of his rubber bracelets slyly asking for one.  Saying that it was just an ordinary rubber from the forklift, he offered to give me a different bracelet instead.  I didn’t expect that he’d follow through but yesterday, he went by my cubicle and gave me a very attractive bracelet.  He mentioned it was made in China.

How nice of him!  ^_^ Don’t worry, this surprise had no strings attached (no pun intended!).

My New Bracelet

End of the Week

It’s a FRIDAY!!! (YEY!)  Work’s one last hurrah.  The dawn before daybreak, the light at the end of the tunnel, and the rainbow after the rain.

I’m being too poetic and overly dramatic.  (SIGH) However, as any friday goes, a work dump of paperworks and updating is expected.  No worries though since I’m looking forward to the end of the day.  My former classmates will be meeting up tonight and hopefully I can catch up with them after my work.  It’s also the birthday of one of my officemates.  I surprised her with a puto topped with a sparkling candle.  But she surprised me more in sharing her wish.  I’m not ready to share it yet but maybe on a later time when I feel like ranting and raving at the same time.

So now, I’m looking forward to lunchtime and to clocking out.  Rest day tomorrow and on Sunday, another Fun Run day for me!  Still out of shape but I’ll survive another 5km.  haha

Can’t wait!  🙂

Birthday Surprise

I know that I emanate a strong aura and that a lot of people – those who don’t know me – tend to assume that I’m a snob or high maintenance.  I couldn’t care any less on how they view me.  I don’t need to explain myself.  However, being of strong personality doesn’t mean I’m immune to being deeply touched.

It’s my birthday!!

For this year, I was really downplaying my birthday for certain financial reasons.  Also, it’s nice to be excited and [act/’be] surprised.   I don’t get easily surprised.   Most “surprises” planned by my parents or my friends (at times) I already figure out on the day itself – either I find out about it in advance or they end up telling me.   So I think it’s only rightfully fair to share how my day started.

Waking up to the sound of my phone alerting me of new messages one after the other. Birthday greetings, morning greetings, and unexpected texts from rarely-keeping-in-touch acquaintances. Checked my Facebook and read a few greets. My Mom didn’t greet me when she woke up and my Dad almost forgot if Mom forgot to greet me. Blew out my custard “cake” then off to work. I was greeted throughout the office and then sat down at my cube.

my custard “cake”

A couple of minutes later, someone from our canteen gave me 2 boxes of Pinoy finger foods.   Daddy D gave me his gift. A live FROG!?! A baby frog who hopped along the aisle in our office. (He had to take it back though.  WHEW!!)  He gave me a piece of mangosteen instead.  As I was moving some stuff on my table, I chanced upon a card. It wasn’t signed. But I was deeply moved to tears.  So touching.  I already had an inkling on who it was from and I was right! Tatay texted me to hint that he was the one it came from.

surprise, surprise
puto at pichi-pichi

Awww… how sweet.

Anyway, looking forward to more surprises and not-so surprises ahead. ^^

Happy Birthday to me!

the baby frog
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