Night Walk Adventure with my BFF

It was last October 10 (a Saturday) when I convinced myself to go for a jog.  The jog, however, turned into a walk which I enjoyed.  I was texting my BFF the sites I saw, and the activities I’ve observed.  By the time I got home, she was finally able to reply.  She also wanted to take a picture trip on that day.  At around noon we were already planning on having a sleepover at home.

I was quite hesitant at first since our house wasn’t cleaned yet.  So what happened?  I got to clean up the house (something which I don’t normally do) all for the sake of my BFF.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve had sleepovers since most often it’s a last minute decision coz’ it’s too late to go home.  All the same, it was about bonding moments.

We met up at Gaisano Mall (I was a little late in arriving since I had an urge to just walk there) and had dinner.  She picked up the bag which I was borrowing from one of our BFF’s sister (thanks by the way!) and we were off to our house.  Since it was still too early to call it a night, I suggested going for a walk.

Because of the Fire Alarm

Rai didn’t bring her DSLR so we contented ourselves in taking pictures with my point-and-click camera.  What started out as just a simple “take-a-picture here” and “go-pose-over there” moments ended up into a laughing spree.

I’ll post a few photos once my connection becomes stable… and you’ll get the idea. 🙂

Why “because  of the fire alarm”?  Well it was just taking random pictures at the beginning.  But when we saw the fire alarm by the side of the wall, everything else followed theme.


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