Eyesight “Improvement”

My vision has been troubling me for the past few months.  But being the stubborn person that I am, I ignored all signs pointing to the fact that I needed my eyes checked.  Mainly because I was firmly holding on to my vision grade which has been constant ever since I started wearing contact lenses.  For almost 6 years I’ve used the same grade: 2.50 for my left eye, and 2.75 for my right eye.  I wanted to cry out knowing that my eyesight has become fuzzier over the past few months.  Blame it on computer games, social networking, staying up late up to the wee hours in the morning, and again… blaming myself for being bull-headed.

SIGH… No need to prolong the inevitable.  Last night I went to my favorite optical store – Executive Optical.  I would’ve wanted it to be over soon but I ended up waiting for the optometrist to return.  When she arrived, I had to wait again for her to settle another customer’s complain.  ARGH!  Talk about exasperating circumstances!  Anyway, when it came for me to go with the usual procedures of eye check-up, I felt really apprehensive about how worse my eyesight has become.

Result?  Both my eyes got an additional .50.  Not so bad, not so good either.  Admittedly, I think I still need a higher grade especially for my left eye.  I didn’t notice it much last night but for the better part of the morning (or worse part rather), my left eye needs to be more squinted than normally to help me see better.  Or maybe I’m just sleepy.

I’m looking for something to help me feel better.  A message of sorts, an inspiring quote or two.  But instead, I stumble into a site that would help improve one’s eyesight thru subliminal messages.  Hmm… could it be a sign?   AWESOME!  Well no harm looking in to it. The mind, after all, is a powerful thing.

Since it’s on CD format (and for sale!), I opted in looking for a close substitute or at least get a general idea of its theory.  I stumbled upon Once Upon a Frog’s post here.

In a nutshell, it’s basically about having the proper mindset (and willpower, and patience).  Quite a process but same as every school of thought, it has to be coupled with faith.

Hmm… I need to clear my mind of clutter and focus.

(Po style from Kung Fu Panda 2) Inner peace… inner, inner peace… inner p… inner… SIGH.  It would take a long time!  I just hope it won’t take years of solitary meditation, or a really painful event in life.



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